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Development and publication of a relief map of Vilnius Gediminas Avenue (2013)

Project description
During the project, for the first time detailed Vilnius city were created and published. A tactile (relief) map of Gediminas Avenue with diagrams and plans of selected objects in its accesses for the blind and partially sighted is available for public use. The publication helps the blind and partially sighted to understand what Gediminas Avenue looks like, where the buildings, parks and monuments are. Using the publication, they can orient themselves independently and move around Gediminas Avenue, get to cultural and art events.The aim of the project:
To increase the accessibility of Vilnius cultural values for visually impaired people, to reduce their social exclusion by promoting more active integration into the city community.

The target audience of the project
Visually impaired people (blind and partially sighted) living in Vilnius and also coming to the capital from other cities.

Project events
2013 3rd December, Presentation of the relief plan of Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius for the blind at the Representation of the European Commission in Vilnius.

Project partners: PI. Institute of the Society of the Future.


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