'I see the world differently'

'I see the world differently' is an ongoing initiative that involves children with visual impairments and growing up in foster homes. In creative workshops, with the help of inspiring personalities and professional ceramicists Nomeda Marcenaite, project participants not only learn to become cultural creators, but also actively participate in the process of cultural consumption by participating in project exhibitions. This project is a unique opportunity for children who has a lack of motivation to reveal themselves in the field of ceramic art, gain confidence in their creative abilities and feel like 'professional' artists. Blind children can also demonstrate their artistic talents by creating from clay, although it is common in the world of the sighted to think that vision is necessary for this type of creation.

Another aspect of the project's relevance is public. Participation in the 'I see the world differently' workshop provides an opportunity for children to present themselves and their creativity to the general public. These children often do not have such opportunities. Visitors to the 'I See the World differently' exhibitions, without seeing the exhibits, just touching them, have to use their imagination to understand what the young creators wanted to tell them. Every visitor of the exhibition - both a child and an adult - has the opportunity to think that most children considered 'different' are just as creative, and the world can be perceived not only in the usual way. By participating in such exhibitions, visually impaired children can not only get acquainted with the works of other children through touch, but also present their own works.

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