Silvija Betrice book 'Preludes of the soul'

The first book by the blind Silvija Beatrice was presented


Silvija Beatrice is a visually impaired pianist, vocalist, composer who found inspiration and dedicated her time to M. K. Ciurlionis and his work. The girl has been performing at M. K. Ciurlionis' house in Druskininkai since she was a child, performing her music in various concerts in Lithuania, Poland, the United Kingdom and Latvia. Silvia began her literary experiments at the age of five, and later children's poems and fairy tales were replaced by more diverse genres. The artist's works are dominated by romanticism and drama, reflecting the author's feelings and experiences.

Eglė Jokužytė, the director of the publishing house 'Business or Art', impressed with the works of Silvija Beatrice Petkeviciute, decided to help talented, visually impaired creators to publish her first poetry book dedicated to M. K. Ciurlionis and his grandson R. Zubovas. According to the publisher, a visually impaired girl is a real source of inspiration for the society, especially the younger generation, by motivating others to take more interest in the legacy of the artist, M. K. Ciurlionis, who has become a cultural symbol.

'To reveal the true beauty and uniqueness of this book, we have released a high-quality print that stands out in a different way. The book can be read from two sides: on one side the text is written for the sighted, on the other in large type - for the visually impaired and in Braille. The purpose of such an unexpected book design is to emphasize the uniqueness of the author's personality and the book', says Egle Jokuzyte, the publisher of the book and the creator of the idea of ​​book for sighted and in Braille.

This publication is the first presentation of Silvija Beatrice's work to the public, actualizing the original literary and musical self-expression of the young creator. The poetry book 'Preludes of the Soul', in which poems are presented in three languages (Lithuanian, Russian and English), was published together with the piano cycle 'Longing MKC' of seven works of art recorded on a CD.

Balandžio 13-tą dieną, Nacionaliniame M. K. Čiurlionio muziejuje vyko pirmasis knygos “Sielos preliudai” pristatymas. Renginio metu Silvija Beatričė fortepijonu atliko garsiojo menininko kūrinius, deklamavo jam dedikuotas eiles bei sužavėjo publiką nuoširdumu, pasakojant apie savo nelengvą kūrybos kelią, kurį jau daugel metų inspiruoja M. K. Čiurlionio kūryba.