Let's get to know the invisible world

'Let's get to know the invisible world'/ Educational activities

Using books as an educational tool, we run educational programs for sighted children and youth at schools, libraries and cultural events.

'Let's get to know the invisible world' activities are included in the CULTURE PASSPORT services, which can be used by all Lithuanian students.

The program is designed to bring different children closer together and develop the ability to understand what the other person is feeling as well as meeting a blind person helps to get to know people who see the world differently. With this program, we help children get to know the world invisible to the eyes and the life of the blind. Children are introduced to unique books that are read with different senses: sight, touch, hearing and even smell. Using different sensations, students perform interactive tasks, become familiar with Braille, and try to comprehend prominent illustrations in a way that blind people do. Acquaintance with the blind provides a communication experience and leaves an unforgettable impression. This educational program develops the child's social values ​​and ability to accept - 'different' people. More than 5,000 Lithuanian children listened to the educational program. The research showed that after this initiative, children are aroused a sense of empathy, compassion and a desire to help others and contribute to good deeds. And innovative reading tools, i. e. books for the vsighted and Braille and creative educational programs, address the problem of reducing exclusion, change children's attitudes towards people with disabilities, develop empathy and tolerance, create lasting social value.

Link to schools 'Cultural Passport': https://kulturospasas.emokykla.lt/renginiai/renginys/2137?fbclid=IwAR2q8-W1uZyQGJkyC-nTHijU5Sh7WHyHP7Rk1E0MS6zpz7Iueiiku3j78Gc.

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