Let's get to know the invisible world, Klaipeda 2019

'Let's get to know the invisible world' - this is how we implemented such an educational project in Klaipeda 2019, which is partly financed by Klaipeda City Municipality, according to the program in the field of culture or art.
During the project, 12 educational sessions were held, which were attended by 353 children and youth from 5 to 24 years of age (including 30 children and youth with special educational needs) and 49 educational and cultural workers) from Klaipeda, Kretinga, Kretingale, Ketvergiai, Gargzdai, Vezaiciai , Lapes local communities.

To develop the participants' competencies in the development of art and culture, the participants were introduced to the socially valuable 'Dot Story' books published for the sighted and in Braille. In developing social competencies and tolerance, the educational activities were attended by a blind reader, who through cognition contributed to the development of communication skills of different groups in society with people with disabilities.

We are also pleased with the results of our change assessment study: 190 children changed their attitudes towards visually impaired people, and over 200 participants would like to have a friend who is blind. After educational activities: • 57.18% more children know how to deal with the blind; • 43.4% more children think that a blind person is a happy person; • 18.77% fewer children who pity a blind person; • 75.66% said they would help the blind cross the street, which is compared to just 16.13% of pre-education children who know how to deal with the blind. This makes it possible to assess that the activities of the social business 'Business or Art' have a positive impact on children.

Thank you for the warm emotions to the community of Klaipeda city and community of 'Vetrunge' gymnasium, Klaipeda city. Imanuelis Kant Public Library Youth Department, Ketvergiai Primary School, Vezaiciai Kindergarten and Primary School, Lapes Primary School, Kretingale Primary School, St. Antanas Day Center, Kretinga and Gargzdai kindergartens 'Azliukas' and 'Naminukas'.

The project is partially funded by Klaipada City Municipality under the program 'Cultural Education', 2019

The aim of the project:
Involving the low-participation local community and socially excluded groups, especially children and young people, in educational activities through unique tools, cognitive, communication skills, tolerance, cultural and artistic education, positive change - by changing attitudes towards people with disabilities and educating social and cultural self-awareness competences.



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