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Knygą planuojame išleisti 2022 – 2023 m. 100 knygų nuo Jūsų padovanosime turintiems regėjimo negalią. Leidžiama nauja, skirtingais pojūčiais skaitomą “Dievo vaikų planeta” , is published, which will be printed in Braille and sighted, with visual and tactile images, and specially designed music.

You can follow the birth path of the book here: and facebook DotStory and Business or Art.


'The Planet of God's children' book, in Braille and for sighted.

'Donate the book to the blind' - it is an initiative by which we want to give equal opportunities to the sighted and the blind to read books together and get to know the story 'differently' of 'The Planet of God’s Children' written by priest Algirdas Toliatas. Naujos, “kitokios” knygos leidybai reikalinga suma 10 000 eurų (2020 m.). Knygą planuojame išleisti 2022-2023 m. ir 100 vnt. nuo Jūsų padovanoti turintiems regėjimo negalią ir specialiųjų ugdymo poreikių turintiems vaikams.

The first version of 'The Planet of God's Children' was published only for sighted children. Blind people want to feel the same as everyone else. Visually impaired children want to read with their loved ones, blind parents want to read with their children… By publishing the book 'differently' and giving it away, we will give the blind the opportunity to learn about the history of 'The Planet of God’s Children' and experience the joy of reading.

How will the new book differ from the first 'The planet of God's children'? This is a new book supplemented with superpowers - here children will be able to see, touch, hear, smell…

  • Printed in both: sighted and in Braille. A blind child will have the opportunity to read with their mother, and blind parents and grandparents will have the opportunity to read with their children.
  • Visible and prominent illustrations. Help all children get to know for the eyes invisible characters.
  • An audible story with music specially created for the book.
  • Book with the scent.

The book will help the child discover new feelings.

The book, read with different senses, will be for everyone: both the sighted and the blind. The blind will have the opportunity to read the same book with their family members, and sighted children will get to know the world of 'seeing differently' through their senses. The book, which brings different readers closer: the sighted and the blind, will help to get to know the story about children's relationships and the ability to accept - 'different' people, written by priest Algirdas Toliatas and illustrated by artist Kristina Norvilaite.

Skirtingais pojūčiais skaitomą knygą „Dievo vaikų planeta“ Brailio ir reginčiųjų raštu planuojama išleisti ir dovanoti 2022–2023 metais.

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