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Through books, we bring different children closer together by helping them to discover the invisible beauty of the world. We are publishing books for sighted and visually impaired children as well as we implement social projects and contribute to a more beautiful life for blind people.

Spring with the book!

Books for children that helps them to stop and think about the values ​​we live in.

"The planet of God's children", priest Algirdas Toliatas (Children 6-12 y/o) The book will provide an opportunity for the whole family to talk about spiritual values

The story written in a modern way tells about children's relationships, friendships, encourages thinking more about those around them and helps to know the love of God.  "Klaipeda Book 2019' diploma for extraordinary and playful design. Illustrator: Kristina Norvilaitė. 

+ gift „Braille alphabet“ 

10% of the book is allocated  „Donate the book to the blind“ initiative.


"The planet of God's children", priest Algirdas Toliatas


Donate the book to the blind


Books and educational programs change the attitudes of sighted children towards people with disabilities as well as develop children's empathy, tolerance, and moral values. It is a unique book that develops children's sense of touch, a form of play that helps to get to know the world of the blind and encourages adults to talk with their children about different people.


Interactive books are for all children. It can be read with different senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell. Our books can be read by the visually impaired and the blind, it is printed in sight and Braille, with audio text, illustrations - visible and embossed as well as perceived by touch. Some tales even have their own scents.


We enable the visually impaired to read the same books as sighted does. By implementing social projects, we open up the artistic talents of blind and partially sighted children and youth as well as we encouraging society to contribute to reducing the exclusion of blind people.

The Store

By purchasing these products, you contribute to donated books for the blind and partially sighted.

We develop and implement creative, artistic and cultural-educational projects involving people with disabilities, socially disadvantaged children and less motivated youth.


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