Dot Story - books bring together the sighted and the blind.

The goods covered by this brand show that part of the funds is intended to reduce the exclusion of visually impaired people. By purchasing products, you contribute to donated books for the blind and social projects that reduce the exclusion of people with disabilities.

Word from the publisher

Communicating with blind children, I realized that they do not have books in their homes, but read borrowed from specialized libraries, which are printed only in Braille without pictures. I thought: why do these children have to read those white pages without illustrations? After all, sighted children can choose from a myriad of the most beautiful books, and blind children, who are already more difficult to adapt to in the world of the sighted, are greatly excluded. Having experience in publishing, which I gained in my family’s press business, I decided to change this situation. After setting up the social business 'Business or Art', I started publishing books that could be read by the visually impaired and the blind. The aim of the publishing process is to make our books interesting not only in their volume, but also in high-quality publishing, in color with wonderful illustrations, which would be conveyed in an outstanding way and understood by everyone - the sighted and the blind. It is gratifying that these books can be read by a blind child with their loved ones, or by blind parents with their sighted children - this allows these families to experience the joy of reading.

I see how these publications have a positive impact on sighted children — by exploring illustrations by tactile, they recognize images as they do blindly, get familiar with Braille and the lives of the blind. It is an educational tool that develops the small motor, imagination, creativity of small readers and promotes the social values of society. It is good to see how these books bring sight and blindness closer together and contribute to reducing the exclusion of people with special needs.

I wish our books would bring children closer and help them get to know different worlds!

Egle Jokuzyte

Egle Jokuzyte is one of the pioneers of social business in Lithuania. She started her social activity from volunteering - implementing projects with blind children. Through creative and artistic initiatives, she had a strong desire to help unravel the artistic talents of blind and partially sighted children and to show the public that these children are also gifted, creative and talented. Getting to know blind children changed her life and it was a springboard for starting a social business. 2012 established a social business company 'Business or Art', the activities of which address the problem of reducing social exclusion and make a difference in society.

  • 2019 'Child's Best Friend', NGO Confederation for Children.
  • 2017 'Social Business Leader' nomination of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • 2017 awards organized by 'Business Gene', special prize 'Angel' and GRATITUDE of the Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania for social initiatives.
  • 2016 National Equality and Diversity Awards, the Breakthrough of the Year Award for bringing together blind and sighted people with books. The awards are organized by the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson along with the National Forum for Equality and Diversity.
  • 2014 The finalist of the first social business competition in Lithuania 'Reach for change' is the Leader of Change.
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