Dot Story is a publishing brand of social business ''Verslas ar menas'' (Business or Art) which produces items meant to reduce the exclusion of visually impaired or blind people. The trademark “Dot Story” is protected by a patent, which means that part of the proceeds go to reducing the exclusion of visually impaired individuals. By purchasing these books you contribute to donating books to the blind as well as to social projects that reduce the exclusion of disabled people.

'Social Business Leader, 2017', Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

„Verslas ar Menas“ (Business or Art) – publishes books for the sighted and visually impaired. Our books bring together the worlds of those who can see and those who cannot. We implement social projects that contribute to the education of children, the integration of people with disabilities and the reduction of exclusion.

Through our activities, we aim to create a culture of reading paper books in the community of the blind and to provide an opportunity, especially for the children, to read the same books as the sighted. Through creative, educational programs and other social activities, we help to reveal the talents of blind children and youth. We contribute to increasing the literacy of the blind and encourage their more active participation in culture.

DOT STORY products are protected by trademark protection in Lithuania and the European Union.

In cooperation with various Lithuanian and international organizations, we implement projects that reduce the social and cultural exclusion of the blind and partially sighted as well as change the public attitude towards people with disabilities.

We publish books and publications in sight and Braille with visual and relief illustrations, as well as contribute to reducing the cultural and informational exclusion of the visually impaired by bringing the worlds of the sighted and the blind closer together.

In communicating with blind children, I realised that they didn't have books in their homes and read borrowed books from specialised libraries, printed only in Braille, usually without pictures. I thought: why do these children have to read only adapted books, those white pages without illustrations? After all, sighted children can choose from a wide range of the most beautiful books, and blind children, who are thus more complicated to adapt to the world of sight, have a big separation. Having a publishing experience I gained in my family press business, I decided to change this situation. After setting up a social business "Business or Art", I began to publish books that can be read by the seeing and the blind. In the publishing process, I want books to be interesting not only in their content, but also in quality, colored with beautiful illustrations, conveyed in a prominent way, which is suitable for everyone — the sighted and the blind. It is gratifying that these books can be read by a lonely child with their family or blind parents with their sighted children — allowing these families to experience the joy of reading.

I see how these publications have a positive impact on sighted children — by exploring illustrations by tactile, they recognize images as they do blindly, get familiar with Braille and the lives of the blind. It is an educational tool that develops the small motor, imagination, creativity of small readers and promotes the social values of society. It is good to see how these books bring sight and blindness closer together and contribute to reducing the exclusion of people with special needs.

I wish our books would bring children closer and help them get to know different worlds!

Egle Jokuzyte


Egle Jokuzyte is an author of projects for sighted and blind people, one of the pioneers of social business in Lithuania. She started her activities by volunteering for projects involving blind children. Through creative and artistic initiatives, she has developed a strong desire to help blind and partially sighted children to reveal their artistic talents and to show the public that these children are also talented and creative. Acquaintance with blind children has changed her life, and this was the impulse to start a social business. In 2012, she opened a social business enterprise, Business or Art, which aims at reducing social exclusion and changing society.

  • 2019 'The Child’s Best Friend' title awarded by the Confederation of Children’s NGOs operating in Lithuania under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • 2017 'Social Business Leader' nomination of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • 2017 awards organized by Lrytas.lt 'Business Gene', special prize 'Angel' and GRATITUDE of the Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania for social initiatives.
  • 2016 National Equality and Diversity Awards, the Breakthrough of the Year Award for bringing together blind and sighted people with books. The awards are organized by the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson along with the National Forum for Equality and Diversity.
  • 2014 finalist at the first 'Reach for change' social business competition in Lithuania, Leader of Change.

2017 'Social Business Leader', Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.



'WINGED LETTERS', Leonardo da Vinci, Includes print text and Braille

In 2019 IBBY . The book is included in the World Books Collection Selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities. 

In 2016 the book became 'The most beautiful book of Lithuania 2015'  at the book art competition organized annually by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania in cooperation with the Lithuanian Artists’ Association and the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The artist, Vilmas Narecionis, was awarded the Prize of the Year by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania for illustrating the book Winged Letters.

In 2016 The book is included in the international catalogue 'The White Ravens, 2016'compiled by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek (International Youth Library). The catalogue includes 200 books in 42 languages from 60 countries.

In 2016 The book is included in the international catalogue 'Identity and Diversity Picture Book Collections'(IDPBC), along with 24 illustrated books which help children explore and discuss identity, diversity, and variety.

In 2016The book received the, 'Press Product of the Year' award at the Lithuanian Press Industry Awards.

2016-02-25/ President Dalia Grybauskaitė, who visited the 17th Vilnius Book Fair, was pleased with the most beautiful book of 2015 Leonardo da Vinci's fairy tale 'Winged Letters' in Braille and for sighted as well as visited the stand to honor the publishing houses "Verslas ar Menas" (Business or Art) and 'S. Jokužis publishing house-printing house' publishers.

Photo: https://www.vam.lt/salies-prezidentesdemesysgraziausiaimetu-knygai-sparnuotosiosraides74670-1-853.html

Lithuanian folk tale 'Goddess of the Baltic Sea' Includes print text and Braille

In 2015 the book received attention from the world-famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

In 2014 The book was improved by applying advanced printing technologies and won an honorary diploma and award 'Klaipeda Book' for social sensitivity in book publishing.

In 2012 'Press Product of the Year' Lithuanian Printing Industry Award.

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  • PUBLIC LIBRARIES - unique books for the sighted and in Braille opens up the possibility for visually impaired people to visit public libraries and read in Braille. Books read with different senses bring different readers closer together and allow the sighted and the blind to read the same books. 
  • SCHOOLS -using books and other measures we conduct educational classes for children and youth. The meetings develop tolerance, empathy, teach the role of the blind and accept different people. Getting to know the blind helps to get to know the lives of these people and reduces the gap between people with disabilities.
  • SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FAMILIES - Books are a tool for play, communication and education that helps families engage in an interesting and interactive reading process. Books for the sighted and Braille with tactile illustrations encourage adults to talk to children about values and allow them to experience the beauty of the invisible world.
  • FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS - the book is an educational tool for speech therapists, education specialists, families. With the help of books, children's fine motor skills are developed as well as language, thinking, improvisation and creativity skills are improved.
  • DISABLED  PEOPLE - bringing the sighted and blind closer together through books and reducing cultural exclusion.
  • INTERNATIONAL BOOK PUBLISHERS - by participating in international book fairs and cooperating with publishers around the world, we aim to extend our mission - to give the blind the opportunity to read the same books as  sighted;

S.Jokuzis printing house, www.spaustuve.lt


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