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Author of the scent – Silvija Beatričė Petkevičiūtė (18 y.o) together with parfumer Aistis Mickevicius

80 ml

About the home fragrance 'Music'

Explore the invisible world! Although we usually see the beauty of the world with our eyes, try to imagine that you have never seen the sea, the sun, the meadows - everything you can see in the world the most beautiful…

The main notes of "Music" scents - patchouli, agarwood, bamboo, ozone - will fill your home with energy and a sense of jazzy freedom.

The package contains a glass bottle with a home scent and five sticks which one of it comes with a felt of wool that will help the scent to spread more intensively and stay in the premises even longer. The scent label is also printed in Braille and inside the package is a description of the project and the tale according to which the scent was created.

The package also contains information about the history of scent creation and the interactive fairy tale book 'Close your eyes', which can be read with different senses: sight, touch, hearing and smell.

Vytas Palavinskas created an exclusive packaging and label design for home fragrances, supporting the social idea of the project.

Etiketes Brailio raštu spausdina  projekto partneris UAB “Aurika”.

The scents were created by a duo of unsighted girl Silvija Beatrice and perfumer Aistis Mickevicius

The scent for the home 'Music' was created by unsighted girl Silvija Beatrice Petkeviciute (18 y.o.). Scent creator Silvia is an artistic soul, a talented university student. She has been playing the piano since the age of 4 and has won many awards as a young composer and performer. Silvija speaks five languages, translates lyrics into Lithuanian, writes poems, plays in the theater, and leads excursions in the M. K. Ciurlionis Museum. 'Business or Art' has published the girl's poetry book 'Preludes of the Soul'. The book has a non-standard form - it can be read from two sides: on one side the text is presented in sight, in the other in enlarged font (for the visually impaired) and in Braille. In this book, the author's poems are presented in three languages (Lithuanian, Russian and English). The book 'Preludes of the Soul' is published together with seven author's works recorded on a CD and the piano cycle 'Longing MKC'.

The girl created the home scent 'Music' by participating in the project "Invisible World of Scents". This is a scent project, in which four blind children and young people, together with scent creator Aistis Mickevicius, created home scents in the creative workshops of 'FUMparFUM' based on fairy tales created by other Lithuanian children.

The idea of home scents was inspired by fairy tales

The scent 'Music' is based on the tale 'Kingdom of Music' from the book 'Close your eyes', which is intended for sighted and blind children. This book, published in both sighted and Braille. It has been adapted to be read with four senses: sight, touch, hearing, and smell. The authors of the fairy tales in this book are sighted children who took part in the national fairy tale creation competition 'How I See the World with Eyes Closed'. The four tales in this book also have their own scents created by the unsighted. Therefore, when reading these stories in the book, you can also find the scent assigned to the fairy tale and integrated into the page under a special sticker.

In order to spread the scents of the fairy tale not only in the pages of the book but also at home, there was created the scent for the house -'Music'.

Emotional and social effects of home fragrance

Home scents not only give coziness to home spaces, it can also provide relaxation or just provide energy as well as evoke our memories, joy and other positive emotions.

Egle Jokuzyte, the founder of the 'Dot Story' brand, develops the creativity of blind children and youth by implementing the social project 'Invisible World of Scents', during which home scents and the exclusive collection of fairy tales 'Close Your Eyes' were born. Its initiatives also encourage people to contribute to the joy of reading books for the blind and visually impaired, which is enriched by experiences of different sensations.

Everyone who buys a scent created by blind children contributes to the reduction of books donated to the blind and the cultural exclusion of these people.

Home scents created for unsighted children can be a great business gift for those looking for meaningful and socially valuable souvenirs.

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