This is a postcard that has been adopted for the sighted and in Braille, in which the text is presented in sight and Braille, and the illustration is supplemented with relief to make it understandable by touch.
The postcard illustrates fairy tale 'Heart Warmth' from the book Leonardo da Vinci 'Winged Letters' Includes print text and Braille. This book was recognized as the most beautiful book published in Lithuania in 2015, and the artist Vilmas Narecionis, who illustrated it, won the main award of the year.

Postcard language: English.
Illustrator: Vilmas Narecionis .
Measurements: 148 x 210 mm

By purchasing this postcard, you will contribute to the implementation of book in sighted and Braille as well as social projects that reduce the social exclusion of people with visual impairments.