“Sparnuotosios raidės” reginčiųjų raštu



Leonardo Da Vinči pasakų knyga “Sparnuotosios raidės” reginčiųjų raštu

The book 'Winged Letters' contains four fairy tales created more than 500 years ago by the famous Italian Renaissance character Leonardo da Vinci, whose main characters are birds.

This book can only be read by sighted children. However, the first version of it was published in both sighted and Braille, and the illustrations were supplemented with prominent ones so that the blind could understand them by touching. In the Book Art Competition organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Lithuanian Artists' Union and the Vilnius Academy of Arts, the book 'Winged Letters' was recognized as the most beautiful book published in Lithuania in 2015, and the illustrated artist Vilmas Narecionis won the Main Award of the year.

'Business or art' publishing house aims to enable blind and partially sighted children to read the same books as the sighted. By purchasing this booklet, you will support the publishing of books for sighted and blind children.

Dimensions 3 cm