Preludes of the soul


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Silvija Beatričė Petkevičiūtė

About the book

'Preludes of the soul' is the first presentation of the work of the blind Silvija Beatričė Petkevičiūtė to the public, actualizing the original literary and musical self-expression of the young creator.

In the poetry book 'Preludes of the Soul', romantic style poems are presented in three languages ​​(Lithuanian, Russian and English). The book can be read from two sides: on one side the text is written for the sighted, on the other in large font - for the visually impaired and in Braille.

The collection of poetry is published together with the piano cycle 'Longing MKC' of seven works by Silvija Beatrice recorded on a CD.  

Versatile personality of Silvija Beatrice  

Silvija Beatrice is a visually impaired pianist, vocalist, composer who found inspiration and dedicated her time to M. K. Ciurlionis and his work. The girl has been performing at M. K. Ciurlionis' house in Druskininkai since she was a child, performing her music in various concerts in Lithuania, Poland, the United Kingdom and Latvia. Silvija Beatrice has been awarded several national and international awards for her musical achievements. Silvia began her literary experiments at the age of five, and later children's poems and fairy tales were replaced by more diverse genres. The artist's poetry is dominated by romanticism and drama, reflecting the author's feelings and experiences.

The versatility of the young blind artist is also reflected in her collection of poetry published by 'Business or Art', which is supplemented by her own musical works for piano with the theme of M. K. Ciurlionis.  

The birth of the idea of the book 'Preludes of the Soul'

BOOKS 'Preludes of the soul' and copyright works, piano cycle 'Longing MCK' the birth was inspired by a meeting with M. K. Ciurlionis' great-grandfather pianist Rokas Zubovas during a concert in 2014 by Silvija Beatrice. For Silvia, this meeting was fateful. She soon created poems published in the book, which reveal a close emotional connection with M. K. Ciurlionis and R. Zubov. Prior to this meeting, M. K. Ciurlionis' work was very close and inspiring to Silvija Beatrice..

Eglė Jokužytė, the creator of the social business 'Business or Art' and the brand of books published for the sighted and in Braille, decided to publish a publication of high polygraphic quality, distinguished by the way it is presented, in order to reveal the author's uniqueness and true beauty. The purpose of an atypical design, when the book is read from two sides (one for the sighted and the other for the visually impaired and the blind), is to emphasize the uniqueness of the author's personality and the book.

The book 'Preludes of the Soul' meaning

The book 'Preludes of the Soul' implements one of the goals of the social business 'Business or Art' - to help reveal the artistic talents of blind and partially sighted children and young people.

The book 'Preludes of the Soul', marked with the brand 'Dot Story', is designed to bring different readers closer, raise people's awareness and change attitudes towards people with disabilities.

The book, printed in sighted and Braille, helps the sighted to see the world through the eyes of the blind, and opens up the possibility for the blind to read with everyone.

By purchasing this book, everyone contributes to the reduction of social exclusion in Lithuania and to the publication of new books for the sighted and in Braille.

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