Martian Alphabet


  • Edukacinė ir fantastinė knyga vaikams (6-12 m.).
  • Fantastiškos istorijos apie KOSMOSĄ ir sveikos gyvensenos ABĖCĖLĖ.
  • Autorė Eglė Jokužytė ir vaikai.

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Egle Jokuzyte and the children, illustrator Vilmas Narecionis

About the book

'Martian Alphabet' is an educational book for children and their parents. It contains funny stories about the adventures of Martians and the ability to live a healthy and happy life. This story was created by the children themselves, who participated in the educational project 'Healthy Lifestyle ALPHABET'. In the book, the creator of the initiative Egle Jokuzyte listed in alphabetical order the things that are useful for a child's body about a healthy lifestyle: physical activity, diet, personal hygiene habits, vitamins and other necessary things. The main heroes of this story - the Martians - will explain to the children why it is so important to take care of health, spend free time actively, eat healthy and protect nature.

All of this is conveyed in the book in the form of fun stories that are created by the children themselves, so readers will absorb useful information much faster.

Authors of stories about Martians - students Ineta Scesnulevic, Arnas Tamulevicius, Nikita Ergardt, Justina Jonaityte, Gabriel Babic, Sonia Simoliunaite, Adomas Vaitiekunas, Arnas Astrauskas, Rusne Maurucaite, Arminas Akstinas, Andzelika Dzervaite, Nikita Brazickij, Robertas Mackus, creator of the book Egle Jokuzyte, editor of children's works - Marija Barstyte and editor of the book - Aukse Ziukiene.

Exclusive illustrations by Vilmas Narecionis

The book was illustrated by the artist Vilmas Narecionis. Original and exclusive illustrations by the artist will stimulate children's imagination and help them fly to other planets with their thoughts.

Vilmas Narecionis has won many international and national awards for his press design work. He also won the main prize of the year for the design of the book 'Winged Letters', created by Egle Jokuzyte and her brand 'Dot Story' at the 'Most Beautiful Book of 2015' competition.

How the idea of the book 'Martian Alphabet' was born

The birth of the book 'Martian ALPHABET' was stimulated by the non-formal education project 'Healthy Lifestyle Alphabet' for primary school students, which was initiated and implemented nationally by Egle Jokuzyte, the head of the publishing house 'Business or Art'.

The project aimed to promote children's creativity and develop healthy lifestyle habits of the growing generation.

85 Lithuanian schools joined the project. From them, 14 classes were selected according to the criteria chosen by the authors of the idea and the teachers' motivation letters. As many as 275 third-grade students from various Lithuanian cities and towns participated in the educational program and, performing interactive tasks, discussed healthy eating, active and meaningful leisure, and environmental protection.

During these sessions, 13 stories that did not lack childish humor were born, which illustrated with ingenious drawings by Vilmas Narecionis and were included in the book 'Martian Alphabet'.

BOOKS The use for the children of the book 'Martian Alphabet'.

The book 'Martian ALPHABET' will introduce children to the most important principles of healthy eating, the importance of physical activity and environmental protection through adventurous stories.

This book will serve not only children, but also their parents, who, when reading stories with children will remember the important principles of a healthy lifestyle and its application in life.

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