"CLOSE YOUR EYES" Fairytales written by Lithuanian children

Illustrator Nomeda Marcenaite

"Close your eyes" – is a book for visually impaired and blind children, which can be read using four senses: sight, touch, hearing, and smell. Since the book was created both for the blind and the sighted, children with visual impairment can enjoy it the same way sighted children do, without feeling deprived. Sighted children, on the other hand, get to understand the world of the blind and learn about Braille.

Read, close your eyes, touch, smell and travel to the world of miracles.



Children's tales

About the book

These tales are created by Lithuanian children, illustrated by the famous artist Nomeda Marcenaite. Her illustrations are both visible and embossed - perceived by touching. This set of fairy tales for children aged 6-10 also stands out in that some fairy tales have their own scents. They were created by blind children participating in the project 'Invisible World of Scents' with the help of perfumer Aistis Mickevicius.

All fairy tales are printed in both plain and Braille.

The book features original tales that will help you look at the world with a 'different eye' and, empathized with the lives of the heroes of the stories, understand the other and help to become a better person.

There is also one fairy tale in the book "Close your eyes" written in Braille only. The Braille alphabet next to it will help children learn the letters and read this fairy tale the way the blind read. A tab in the book, on one side of which the same fairy tale is written in sighted writing, will allow you to check if the children have read the fairy tale correctly.

Exclusive illustrations by Nomeda Marcenaite and the scents of Aistis Mickevicius

When creating the design fot the book 'Close Your Eyes', the artist Nomeda Marcenaite had to imagine that she could not see the illustrations with both of her eyes so that she could feel it and 'see' it by touching. The artist created illustrations for the tales written by the children and selected by the commission for half a year, as if they complemented and extended the narratives.

Nomeda Marcenaite is not only an artist but also a writer who has written and illustrated her book. Also in the 2011 Book of the Year election, she became the winner of the best book for children and teens.

Another surprise awaits those who have opened the book 'Close your eyes' - readers will find hidden smells under the cover of a small sticker. Reinoldas Kelpsa, Saule Kupryte, Hermis Kasperavicius and Silvija Beatrice Petkeviciūte created blind scents for four fairy tales - 'How a Mole Saved a Rose', 'Ladybird Uze', 'The Adventures of a Grasshopper Spartukas' and 'The Kingdom of Music'.

Aistis Mickevicius, the creator of the niche author's perfume brand 'FUMparFUM', helped to create and apply scents to fairy tales while working with children. He has not only created a personal perfume line, but also published the first Lithuanian book about perfumery 'Perfume'. After joining the creative team of the book 'Close Your Eyes', A. Mickevicius listened to the children's stories about how they imagine the characters in the book, what each tale smells like, and tried to give these ideas the form of scents. This is how the joint work was born - not only sight, touch, but also olfactory readable tales.

The birth of the idea of the book 'Close your eyes'

The idea to invite children to create fairy tales that could be read by their peers who had lost their eyesight came to Egle Jokuzyte, the creator of the 'Dot Story'. The stories for which the contest was announced had to be created as children try to empathize with a different world that can be seen not with the eyes but with the heart. 150 students from 44 schools took part in the fairy tale writing competition 'How I See the World with Eyes Closed'. A commission of members of the International Association of Children's and Young People's Literature (IBBY) selected six children's fairy tales, which were included in the book 'Close Your Eye' for the sighted and the Blind.

Tales of Ugne Kasparaityte, Gabija Aukstakalnyte, Melita Vanagaite, Simonas Cerniauskas, Paulius Vingilis and Justas Baranauskas were selected for the book.

When creating illustrations adapted for the blind, E. Jokuzyte had the idea to include another sensation in the sensory research of the book - the smell.

The use of the book 'Close Your Eyes'

The fairy tale collection "Close your eyes" will help the sighted to see the world through the eyes of the blind by touching illustrations and smelling odors, fragments of Braille. For those who cannot see, this book will be a great opportunity to read with family members, loved ones, as the book is published in both sight and Braille.

For sighted children, the book 'Close Your Eyes' will also help to develop the senses (touch, smell), moral values, empathy and tolerance that the stories in the book develop. Reading this booklet will help children get to know the world of the blind and make it easier to accept other people.

The brand 'Dot Story' created by Egle Jokuzyte gives the blind the opportunity to read the same books that the sighted reads.

By implementing various social projects, Egle Jokuzyte not only contributes to reducing the exclusion of blind children, but also develops the artistic talents of blind and partially sighted children. Blind and visually impaired children become book creators, illustration testers, little perfumers.

Those who buy the book 'Close Your Eyes' contribute to the education of blind children, because every tenth copy is given to a visually impaired child.

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