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INTERAKTYVI knyga vaikams (4-8 m.)

  • Gražiausia knyga, 2015 / “Knygos meno”  konkursas, 2016.
  • Edukacinė knyga su matomomis ir liečiamomis iliustracijomis, papildyta Brailio raštu.
  • Lavina lytėjimą ir padeda įsijausti į neregio būseną.
  • Prisidedate prie leidžiamų ir dovanojamų knygų neregiams!




Leonardo da Vinci. Illustrator Vilmas Narecionis

About the book

'Winged Letters' are four tales, translated from Italian, written more than 500 years ago by the famous Italian Renaissance creator Leonardo da Vinci, whose main characters are birds. These sensitive, didactic stories teach compassion, love, tenderness and patience.

Not many people know that the famous painter, architect, poet, sculptor, musician, inventor and philosopher Leonardo da Vici was also the creator of fairy tales. Stories written five centuries ago are still relevant today, as they convey values such as family, love that do not age even as times change.

This set of fairy tales is distinguished by the fact that Leonardo da Vinci fairy tales can be read with several senses: sight, touch and hearing. This has made it possible to implement outstanding printing technology solutions.

The book is published with an appendix - a CD. It contains an audio book of 'Winged Letters'. It was recorded by the TV hosts Andrius Rozickas and Vlada Musvydaite and two blind creators - Silvija Petkeviciute and Karolis Kaminskas.

The book also contains an Braille alphabet to help children learn the script of the blind.

Exclusive illustrations by Vilmas Narecionis

The book 'Winged Letters' was published in both sighted and Braille, and the wonderful visual illustrations of the illustrator Vilmas Narecionis were supplemented with prominent ones to be understood by touch.

Vilmas Narecionis has won many international and national awards for his press design work. Thanks to him, the stories of Leonardo da Vinci were reborn and became understandable and attractive to modern children.

These prominent illustrations were tested on the blind, the youngest of whom was nine years old, before the book was published. This helped to create such illustrations that are rich in colors, lines for the sighted, and allows the blind to 'see' them by touching the raised lines, different print textures.

Vilmas Nareionis won the main prize of the year for the design of the book 'Winged Letters' in 'The Most Beautiful Book Competition of 2015'.

The birth of the idea of the book 'Winged Letters'

The book 'Winged Letters' was published by Egle Jokuzyte. Her brand 'Dot Story' aims to bring different children closer together through books and help to get to know the invisible world to the eyes. Egle Jokuzyte publishes books for the sighted and visually impaired children, implements social projects and contributes to the education of blind children.

Egle Jokuzyte together with the blind goes to Lithuanian schools and conducts educational classes 'Let's get to know the invisible world'.

This is the second children's book published in Lithuania, which is adapted for both the blind and the sighted. Blind children often face a shortage of children’s books. Very few special books are published for their needs.

Egle Jokuzyte decided to publish the book without distinguishing whether it will be for the sighted or not. Thus was born the collection of fairy tales 'Winged Letters' for reading with the senses: sight, touch and hearing. The sighted and the blind can equally read and enjoy the transmission of story. Blind children can read fairy tales together with their parents, grandparents or relatives in the same way as sighted children do.

By purchasing this book, everyone contributes to the reduction of social exclusion in Lithuania and to the publication of new books for the sighted and in Braille.

The use of the book 'Winged Letters' for the child

The book 'Winged Letters' can be used to educate children. Sighted children can easily recognize the heroes of fairy tales by touching the pictures with their eyes closed. This game develops various sensations, cultivates social values and changes the attitude towards the disabled. For visually impaired children, it is an opportunity to read the same books as the sighted.

It is a tool not only to help children get to know a different world, change attitudes towards people with disabilities but also to promote empathy, cultivating values such as kindness, tolerance, understanding. Prominent illustrations will help to develop the child's fine motor skills and tactile sensations. Instructive tales will help cultivate common human values.

The book 'Winged Letters' provides instructions to help parents, teachers and educators working with children with special needs to take full advantage of the publication's educational potential. Using the instruction, this book will become a communication tool as well as an interesting and useful educational game.

The book 'Winged Letters' has received various awards

In 2019 'The International Board on Books for Young People' (IBBY) has included 'Winged Letters' in the World's Book Collection of 'Exclusive Books for Young People with Disabilities'.

The book 'Winged Letters' is included in the international catalog 'The White Ravens, 2016', which consists of the Internationale Jugendbibliothek, International Youth Library, which takes into account the uniqueness of books for children and youth, innovative artistic and literary solutions. The catalog consists of 200 books in 42 languages ​​from 60 countries.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Artists' Union and the Vilnius Academy of Arts, selected the book 'Winged Letters' as the most beautiful Lithuanian book in 2015.

'Winged Letters' is also included in the international 'Identity and Diversity Picture Book Collections' (IDPBC), which consists of 24 illustrated books to help children explore and discuss identity, inclusion and diversity in detail and actively. The books are presented to teachers and students in Europe and around the world.

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